Spinal Cord Injury Saskatchewan

Our mission is to assist persons with spinal cord injuries and other physical disabilities to achieve independence, self-reliance and full community participation.

About Spinal Cord Injuries

It can happen anywhere

Driving your car, skiing down a hill, diving into a pool, working at your job. An accident that occurs in an instant could lead to a spinal cord injury that permanently alters your life.

It can to happen anyone

You, a friend, colleague, son, or daughter. Unfortunately, the majority of spinal cord injuries tend to involve young people. The largest demographic is people between the ages of 16-34.

It happens to over 1000 Canadians each year

Through an accident, injury, or illness, individuals can find themselves fully or partially paralyzed. This added to the 86,000 Canadians currently living with a spinal cord injury.

A life shattered in an instant can take years to rebuild

A spinal cord injury leads to a lifelong journey to recover to the greatest extent possible and rebuild a new life.

If you had to use a wheelchair, would you still:

  • Drive your car?

  • Continue in your current career path?

  • Visit family and friends in their homes?

  • Care for yourself and your family?

  • Attend events in your community?

  • Live in your home?

  • Continue your hobbies?

  • Travel?

What We Offer


We believe in a focus on abilities. We strive to dismantle misconceptions, stereotypes, and generalizations about disabilities. We believe that with the right supports, our clients can maximize their abilities and lead fulfilling and productive lives.


We focus on empowerment as a fundamental value of our organization. We believe in empowering individuals to be self-advocates and to take initiative and be active, independent and self-sufficient community members.


We administer benefits for qualifying members:

  • Vehicle registration rebates
  • SaskTel Mobility benefits
  • LA Charities Scholarship
  • Parascope magazine

Our History

Spinal Cord Injury Saskatchewan was founded nationally in 1945, by a group of paralyzed veterans who formed a network of peers.  Their goal is supporting each other as they got their lives back on track following their return from the war.

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Your gift will help assist Spinal Cord Injury Saskatchewan with resources to fulfill our mission to “empower persons with spinal cord injuries and other physical disabilities to achieve independence and full community participation” through the provision of services in Rehabilitation Support and Service Coordination, Peer Programs, Information Support and Advocacy and Awareness.