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Promoting sport, recreation, leisure, fitness training, and healthy lifestyle activities for individuals with mobility impairment. For more information visit the website
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For more information on the Solo Rider and Golf Saskatchewan's partnership with SCI check out this article here
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Who Needs Twenty-community site dedicated to those who have been affected by amputation. Amputees, family/friends, caregivers, and healthcare professionals. Vist them at

Life After A Spinal Cord Injury:A FREE Resource

Spinal Cord Injury Saskatchewan has produced a FREE manual covering all aspects of spinal cord injuries. Subjects include:

Life after a spinal cord injury
Skin care
Bowel management / nutrition
Bladder management
Cardiovascular and respiratory functions
Technical aids and other supports for increased independence
Complications following a spinal cord injury
Psychosocial rehabilitation
Sports and leisure
Employment, studies and volunteer work