SCI Memberships

We would like to start by saying thank you to all of our great members throughout Saskatchewan for supporting our organization. We have over 800 Members in this province and we continue to grow. Not only does the SCI membership aid our members with a variety of benefits; but it also helps our organization ensure that we are able to continue to provide valuable programs and services throughout Saskatchewan. We invite anyone to become a member, whether you are a person with a spinal cord injury or a related physical disability, family/ relative, or a health care worker, every voice counts.

Membership Benefits

If it is your first time signing up for our membership, the first year is on us ($40.00 value) .The SCI Sask. membership provides our members with voting rights at our Annual General Meeting along with our Parascope Magazine throughout the year. We also provide benefits for our members with a spinal cord injury or other physical disability; our Sasktel Cellular Plan and the SGI Vehicle Rebate (these require a proof of disability form).Sasktel Cellular Plan: Link

Become A Member

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To become a member, please fill out this form:

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Corporate Memberships

We do provide a corporate membership for businesses that wish to display their commitment to providing accessibility for both their employees and their cliental. If you wish to find out more please fill out the form below.

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Life After A Spinal Cord Injury:A FREE Resource

Spinal Cord Injury Saskatchewan has produced a FREE manual covering all aspects of spinal cord injuries. Subjects include:

Life after a spinal cord injury
Skin care
Bowel management / nutrition
Bladder management
Cardiovascular and respiratory functions
Technical aids and other supports for increased independence
Complications following a spinal cord injury
Psychosocial rehabilitation
Sports and leisure
Employment, studies and volunteer work