Education and Employment Supports

Our service delivery team offers support and guidance in the areas of work readiness, career decision making, skill enhancements, job search, job maintenance and career growth. Information on scholarships internal to SCI Sask and SCI Canada is availalble annually. SCI Sask offers accessibility consultations, wage subsidies, and funding for disability accommodation to advance education and employment.


Financial Assistance

Spinal Cord Injury Saskatchewan Client Service Coordinators work to assist those living with spinal cord injuries and other physical disabilities to remove barriers to education. Financial assistance may be available to help with transportation, adaptive equipment, cost of care to attend class or other barriers not listed. If you are thinking of going to school and would like more information please contact either our Regina or Saskatoon offices.


Adaptive Workplace

Financial assistance is available to employers, employees and self-employed people with spinal cord injuries or other physical disabilities for adaptive equipment needed in the workplace or to or make other minor adaptations to the workstation of facility. Each request is considered on an individual basis. Our Client Service Coordinators in the Regina and Saskatoon offices can answer any questions you may have and are ready to work with you and your employer.

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Spinal Cord Injury Saskatchewan provides scholarships to individuals with spinal cord injuries and other physical disabilities to support them with their post-secondary education. Awards vary in amounts with an application deadline in late spring. Only applicants who meet the criteria and have submitted complete application packages will be considered. Watch our Facebook page and website blog for submission requests and announcements.


Job Finding Assistance

Spinal Cord Injury Saskatchewan is committed to increasing employment opportunities for individuals with spinal cord injuries and other physical disabilities. Our services include job finding assistance, work place advocacy and providing adaptive ideas and solutions. We focus on your employability. Our Client Services Coordinators work one on one and stay with you for support and follow-up.

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Wage Subsidy

The program provides temporary wage subsidies to employers who hire and provide work experience and skills enhancement of eligible program candidates. Spinal Cord Injury Saskatchewan Client Service Coordinators can work with you and your employer to determine if a wage subsidy would be beneficial. Contact us to learn more.