Creating An Accessible Canada- Engagement Opportunities

Creating An Accessible Canada is sharing two important initiatives for SCI Sask followers to check out.

COVID-19 Disability Survey – Very Different than others

Researchers at the Centre for Chronic Disease Prevention and Management at UBC Okanagan have teamed up with Ontario-based Abilities Centre to launch a national COVID-19 disability survey. 

So, what makes this survey different from everyone else’s survey happening right now? The disability community will have access to the information from these surveys. This survey is not a snapshot in time, or used for any purposes other than to identify the needs of our community. The information collected will help develop meaningful advocacy, strategies and actions that will work towards meeting these needs. This survey will address needs over the long term, and questions will be informed directly by our disability community.

All Canadians who have a disability, or have a child or family member living with a disability in their household, are asked to share their unique experiences and concerns while navigating COVID-19. The survey is fully accessible. 

The information collected from the survey will directly impact policymakers, businesses and organizations across Canada as they develop accessible and inclusive policies, processes and services. 

To participate in the COVID-19 Disability Survey, visit: For more information, contact: or call 1 866 639 1858. 

Building momentum for the Canadian Disability Benefit – A Learning Series

You may have already joined part one of this series: At long last, a Canada Disability Benefit is coming – What should it look like? This second series will be an additional 4-part conversation on Building momentum for the Canadian Disability Benefit.

Achieving a Canadian Disability Benefit is an historic opportunity to end disability poverty. No other government in the world has made such a commitment. It will take a lot of work to turn that opportunity into a reality that is meaningful and inclusive. It will take widespread engagement by people with disabilities from every corner of the country. Including leadership from Quebec and those from racial minorities, the indigenous community, and those discriminated against because of age, race, colour, gender, and sexuality. It will also take widespread popular support from regular Canadians. Finally, it will take bold political decision making.

As preparation for the job ahead PLAN Institute and its partners are presenting this four-part webinar series to learn from four Canadians with expertise and experience in system change.

Goals of Learning Series:

  • To learn from other successful movements
  • To strengthen the social, political, economic and cultural power of the Canadian disability movement
  • To clarify the role of parents, families, service providers, funders and other allies in supporting disability leadership
  • To secure a Canadian Disability Benefit that is meaningful, inclusive and ends disability poverty

Topics include:

  • The Power of New Forms of Democratic Engagement
  • The Power of Inclusive Design
  • The Power of a Disability Media
  • The Power of Working Together

Be part of the change. Sign up today at: